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2000A-1 Auto orange juicer

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Auto Orange Juicer
Turn on the power supply,Turning on the power switch and the switch indicator lights on.
Operation process:
1. Turning on the power switch and the switch indicator lights on (the switch is located on the back of the machine).
2. There are two ways to start the machine:
① In the manual mode, the soft  buttons in the side of the machine can control the operation and stop (You can press the green button to run and press the red to stop);
② In the automatic mode, the machine runs when the faucet is tuned on (the magnetic switch on the tap should be aligned with the center of the orange screw), the faucet is tuned off and the machine stops.
3. When the machine mask is opened or the installation is shaky, the side soft button will flash and the machine will not work (the mask is equipped with safety switch devices on both sides).
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