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Nantong Guode Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd was specialist in the manufacture of a company line of commercial juicers,packing machines and food processing equipment.We have our own patent to our products,and product quality assurance products to many provinces of China,also North America,Europe,Australia some countries and area and enjoy a good reputation from users.our enterprise is located in inshore exoteric city,NanTong GangZha Economiacl and Technology Developing Zone.

Is the freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine good or bad? Insiders tell you the truth
Vending machines entered China as early as 1996. They have been tepid, but since the first two years, there have been signs of recovery. In particular, the vending machine for freshly squeezed orange
How long can the orange be kept at room temperature?
Oranges are very common fruit in our lives and are well-received by the public. Drink orange juice at festivals is a phenomenon common


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